A play for NowHeritage Theatre


First performed July 2013


CAST:  Colin McAllister,  Ashley Christmas,  Annie Sanger-Davies,  Timber Kelly,  Emily Finn,  Nate Stafford-King


Director:  Emma Golby-Kirk

Production Manager:  Barbara Reed

Stage Manager:  Robert Laws


BETWEEN WIND AND WATER delved into the waterside heritage of Southampton and the Solent.  Shipbuilding has gone from the city and the bustling docks have an entirely different character now that mechanisation has changed the nature of port work.  But there are people who remember how it was when the water dominated the working life of the city and their memories are still vivid.  

This play was developed following sessions with people who had worked and lived for the docks and shipbuilding.  It follows the fortunes of a family across several generations and their gradually loosening ties with the water – but there’s a deeper connection, the rhythm of the tides and the pull of the open sea, that can’t be washed away so easily.


You can read more about the play and NowHeritage on their blog here

BWW Ash Timber 3b BWW ship launch b BWW storyteller Colin 1b

rehearsal photos by Barbara Reed