I am very happy to be Royal Literary Fund fellow at Southampton University this year, alongside novelist Jonathan Buckley.  It's a wonderful job, where I get to meet students and talk about how writing works and hear their ideas.


Sometimes I work in God's House Tower, a beautiful medieval building in Southampton, due to be renovated prior to opening as an arts and heritage centre.


'GHT: a reincarnation' is a group of artists who meet to exchange working methods and create new work inspired by the building.  


Currently Southampton is host to BAS8 - the British Art Show, and GHT has been open as a space for a fringe exhibition and events.  


I have been using my time with the group and with the tower to explore my writing and push it into new territory:  I am writing more poetry and thinking deeply about words and how we present writing.  I read my poems in public for the first time - shaking like a leaf on a storm-battered tree, but I will do it again!


I have started a blog on this site, following on from my collaborative writing blog with The Fuse.  


The ght group has a tumblr blog, find it here:


wire sculptures 3 ght-a-reincarnation