The first public performance was presented by Birmingham Repertory Theatre

on 1 November, 2005.

The theatre run followed a schools tour.




ROSALIND   Nicki Walsh

ESTHER   Sheena Irving

JOE   Matthew Barker


Director   Kate Varney

Designer   Oliver Shapley

Lighting Designer   Mike Hurst

Composer   Oliver Searle

Projections   Chris Plant

Technical Stage Manager   Craig Price

Deputy Stage Manager   Darren Abel

Producer   Steve Ball



It’s an experiment.

Rosalind Franklin, who helped to discover the structure of DNA but failed to achieve recognition for this in her lifetime, finds herself in the same room as Esther, a young scientist who is thrilled by the possibilities of genetics.  Esther is joined by her sceptical brother, Joe, and suddenly they are in the middle of the experiment of Rosalind’s life.  The play is an exploration of ambition and regret, scientific integrity, the motivation for discovery and the high price exacted by success.


ROSALIND: A QUESTION OF LIFE  is published, together with BURN, by Oberon Books

rosalind 1a