UPBEAT, a play with traditional folk songs and original music by Rebecca Aplin.


The first public performance was presented by Forest Forge on March 3rd, 2016

this was followed by a five week tour.




Nelson, the waterkeeper - William Wolfe Hogan

Alex - Pete Ashmore

Becca - Abbie McLoughlin


Director:  Kirstie Davis

Music:  Rebecca Aplin

Designer:  David Haworth

Lighting design and stage management:  Dom Phillips


A play about the interconnectedness of two siblings and the landscape of the chalk river that runs through their lives.  Becca and Alex grow up by the river, but their paths separate when Becca shrugs off responsibility for her much younger brother and sets out to discover the bigger world.  Becca, combative, curious, idealistic, dances away;  Alex, bewildered, bereft, resentful, struggles to find his place in the world.  When the river they love is threatened, when the fragility of life is brought home to them, they must both find new paths to tread, in directions they hadn’t anticipated.

UBPEAT rope oli_crump_-098-of-104-a UBPEAT oli_crump_-035-of-104-a UBPEAT three violins oli_crump a

photos by Oli Crump