the covid post

By dgearing, Jul 7 2020 03:35PM

This is a second atttempt at this post - feels like everything is sick some days.

But the sun is shining and things may be changing slowly in the UK, although it looks like a game of grandmother's footsteps - two forward, three back...

Yes, there was work. Yes, it was put on ice - a new version of Stone Soup for God's House Tower in Southampton was stopped in early rehearsals; an application for funding for work in September was silently pulled along with everyone else's and that money was steered to arts workers to feed them and keep themafloat. Rightly.

Positive things happened - a lovely film was made by Hannah Preston, Colin Macallister, Amber O'Connell, Vix Hobbs of some of the poems for Stone Soup. And people watched it in our online world. So when we come to actually perform it live, I hope some of them will be in our audience.

Theatre is suffering, but money will come to support buildings and venues and organisations. Let's hope some will be there for the backstage workers, creators, actors, musicians, dancers, makers who make the work that brings them alive.

I'm writing and trusting.

This period of pandemic is marked by untimely deaths, not always covid-related.

I mourn the loss of my dear friend Nita Gale, who smiled, laughed, sang, danced, acted her socks off through life. Tap those heels, Nitty. My brother Henry , Ruby's Moon, Stone Soup, The Hope, so many days with children - how I will miss you.